Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pretty sure we are related to the Griswold's...

So I randomly decided that Alyssa had to have a photo with Santa RIGHT NOW!  I up and got her all dolled up while talking up Santa like he was the best thing in the universe and not some creepy guy dressed in a "jolly" red suit.  I was all "He knows you so you don't have to be afraid" and "Mommy would never let you sit on a dangerous person's lap". "His beard will look like Papa' huh?" "I promise I will be right here the whole timesojustsmile OK!!!!???"  

She was so excited...SO excited to go meet Santa.  I showed her Natalie's photo with him from when she was 9 months old and how cute it was.  She was pumped.  Alllllll the way to the mall I heard "going to see Santa mommy?, I sit on his lap, I don't cry on his lap"..... 

Why yes, the entire photo IS out of focus.  I was WAY close to her and I only have the 50mm.  Move on, you should really move on now.

Me being me brought my camera all ready to catch the magical moment of tears that I just knew was going to happen and hoped that the lady charging me an arm and a leg for a crappy quality photo would catch a decent one.  You know, because me being me LIKES the crying ones.  Seriously, I think they are so much more accurate. hahaha Ok, moving on before you send the guys in white coats to my house.

We walk up and she spots him...and kind of does that jaw drop thing.  I LOVE that children do that! awwww.  We walk around the set and go in.  She is still in awe, still in disbelief that this could be real.  Then he moved..and waved....and she did her freeze tag impression while looking at the ground.  This is her response to anyone new.  It is put on, an act, and she is good at it.  She looks all innocent and adorable but inside and I am thinking...."and there goes the photo."  hahahaha  I unvelcroed her from my torso and set her on Santa's lap.  I then made the horrid mistake of turning my back to get my camera and.she.FREAKED!  

Did she really think I would just leave her there "Well bye baby, Santa will take great care of you while I shop and maybe grab some lunch."  Seriously?!  It was EPIC.  The tears and open mouthed cry.  I couldn't even get a photo b/c I never made it all the way to my camera.  I plunked right down on the floor so she would know I wasn't leaving and hoped to h**l the lady with the camera crappier than mine, charging 10 times what I do for an off center, out of focus, way too zoomed in so Santa has no feet and the arch is cut off on top, unedited, printed on a mall printer would get at least one decent one. 

Doesn't she look thrilled at the experience she just had? 

Thrilled like when we leave the dentist or after being in timeout maybe....

This was the best one. Not kidding. The one that looked the least like I abandoned her to a stranger in a weirdo, red suit in a mall. 

Yes, I totally took a photo of the photo which is highly illegal I am sure but seriously....for what I paid I should have walked out with Santa himself.  Bite me mall "photographer".

In the car on the way home I asked her "Didn't he look like Papa?"....crickets chirping...."Not Papa mommy, it's Santa"...well ok then.  Merry Christmas!   


  1. aww. sweet girl. That Santa of yours does look a little creepy. Etta didn't want to sit with Santa this year either, but the photographer got one that was decent.

  2. He was actually awesome! He cuddled and sang to sweet. She was having no part of a stranger though. hahaha

  3. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa now that i am over my hysterical laughter...1. Santa always looks creepy 2. She's thinking you owe me big for this telling me this strainger looks like my Papa 3. Santa comes to our house Monday so I don't have to do the crappy Mall I can just take the crappy photo myself and zoom in and chop his feet off. haha I LOVE YOU!

  4. Oh my hilariousness! I am actually IN our Santa picture this year. Callie took one look at Santa and literally tried to climb up my head. She want NO part of that nonsense. She was even skeptical with me sitting on Santa's lap, and her on mine (Yeah, Santa loved that...)

  5. Hahahahaha, I love this post and pic!!! HIL-FREAKING-ARIOUS!!! :) Totally made my morning!!! And I agree with Tiffany...that Santa does look like a stalker kinda Santa...but I'm glad he tried to be sweet! :) We're off to go visit Santa tomorrow at the Bass Pro Shop. Nothing like a red neck Santa! Hahahahaha, I'll let ya know how the boys do!!! Miss ya!

  6. That is too funny!!! Hehehehe, love the final photo - omg, he does look a little creepy...