Friday, September 16, 2011

The things that make them happy...

Wow, blog slacker much?

We have been busy but in the mundane day to day kind of way.  Not a whole lot to write about over the last few weeks.  I figured that we couldn't be getting through this many days in a row without anything fun happening so I have consciously tried to keep my camera close this week to catch what I thought were everyday moments.  Turns out our everyday moments are kind of fun. hahaha  Who knew?

I met Natalie at the bus yesterday with a cup of bubbles and I literally saw her whole world brighten.  It's been SO HOT lately that I hadn't done that since...I don't know... last year.  *Insert embarrassed face here*  Just the thought of sitting on our driveway in 95 degree heat made me want to curl into the fetal position so when the weather broke yesterday I was all "WOOOT BUBBLES AT THE BUS!"

...Evidently, so was Natalie. 


Recipe to make a three year olds day:
1. One full day of preschool.
2.  Add in a daddy who took a half a day off and surprises said three year old at pick up.
3.  Pull into closest playground and say "GO!" with just a mommy and a daddy all to yourself.
4.  Leave playground and go to cupcake bakery and tell said three year old to pick any one she wants.

End result of recipe = three year old in the backseat saying "You guys are the best!  That was the best surprise!" 


There are so many people who think that life is about money, expensive colleges, highly respected careers, fancy clothes and shiny cars. It's hard to get those people to see what we see, the joy in a cupcake.  The laughter over bubbles circling in the wind.  The hug from a kid who thinks that the park and a day alone with mommy and daddy was "The best EVER!".  Sometimes, actually usually, it really is the little things.  The day to day "mundane" that make our lives feel fulfilled.  I thought that our days were just hum drum and boring until I challenged myself to bring my camera along with me this week.  I honestly thought to myself...oh lordy, this is going to be great. A bunch of photos of me doing dishes and kids making giant messes in the playroom.  Turns out, we are doing fun things.  They are learning and having fun in spite of me being exhausted and hugely pregnant.  Most of all, even at our most "boring" I have learned that our little moments are our big moments and even though they feel little to Cliff and I....they are the big moments to our children.


...And that makes them big moments to us.

Get out and enjoy all the little moments with your families and have a great weekend!  

Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me about your favorite little moments.

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  1. This is beautiful, Lori! What a wonderful perspective on life at home with small kids. I've been trying to think that way lately, too, and I've realized I've been way too hard on myself...there are lots of wonderful moments in our days, where we're fun and spontaneous, or I can be patient and do things the slow way, or really be present with the kids. We are so lucky to be home...