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Disney - 2013

Here we are!  We have reached the final post about this Disney vacation!  I know, you have laughed, you have cried and you have said "OMG! How many posts can this girl write about one vacation!?" This is it. I think.  ;)

In between our days in Magic Kingdom we had two full rest days and a day in Epcot.  We staggered the rest days a bit so the second one landed on Thursday. It was perfect timing and was just at the point that we really didn't want to get up and fight the crowds that morning.  We were all ready for a break.  The fun part is that right before we left for Florida one of my very best friends (she introduced Cliff and I) from college and I chatted and I realized just how close she was to Orlando.  We hadn't seen her since graduation and her husband is in the military so she has moved from state to state since then.  Long story short, we planned on going to her house for a visit until mid afternoon or so then moving on to Downtown Disney after that as our day away from the parks.  It was AWESOME!  We showed up at her door and it was like no time had passed at all.  Well, besides the fact that there were now 5 children between us.  haha!  It was so amazing to hug her again and get to meet their children.  SO CUTE!  The kids played, we had lunch, we talked, and had a great time.  
 photo d7639_zpsa0874fdb.jpg

 photo d7645_zps4d7011c4.jpg
Of all of the toys in that room, Natalie chose this one to play with.  You can take a girl out of Disney...

 photo d7646_zps29816e24.jpg
Her little man.  Oh the cuteness!!!!

It was also super great to be able to relax in a home for a few hours in the middle of a busy vacation like Disney.  We had been living in the resort and although it is an AMAZEBALLS resort, nothing can compare to the comforts of a home.  The kids all had a great time and at one point I walked in on S and Alyssa cuddled in S's bed giggling and talking.  
 photo d7655_zps21e9f2b3.jpg 

It reminded me so much of her mama and I chilling in her room giggling and talking until all hours of the night way back in the day.  Full circle!  You know I live for that stuff!

After what felt like about five minutes (in reality it was hours) it was time to go.  They were just getting prepared to move again so we hugged like it may be our last.  Goodness knows how long it will be before our lives cross paths again.  There are some people who come into your lives that you may not think about every day, but when you do, you miss them terribly.  Stacia is one of those people for me and I kind of hate that we live so far apart.  sigh
 photo d7656_zps5eabf04a.jpg

Wipe the tears, sniffle, sniffle.  We headed out and went to Downtown Disney.  I mean c'mon, did you really expect us to go a whole day without anything Mickey related?  Nope....just nope. The two main reasons we went were to shop at the largest character store in the country and to get ice cream, for dinner of course, at Ghiradelli.  No pictures from the toy stores since we were all too busy playing like five year olds and I never thought to snap some pics. haha!  

Ghiradelli however....
 photo d7676_zps01a57c31.jpg
This might be the hardest place in the universe to have to wait for your order.  

 photo d7675_zps97803adf.jpg

 photo d7688_zps896ba1dc.jpg

 photo d7690_zps2d4ae5c3.jpg 

I of course had to get the infamous sipping chocolate.  See my Disney posts from two years ago when I went with my mom to read more about this drooltastic "drink"
 photo d7681_zps1cdf3792.jpg

***I need to take a moment here to give props to our Disney planner, Kristen Betit. She did EVERYTHING for this trip for us.  I planned NOTHING besides telling her what we wanted our vacation to look like.  She got all of the latest deals, moved rooms to get meal plan bonuses as needed, booked all of our character meals, kept in contact with me, made herself available anytime we needed her including during the trip, typed up entire packets about the parks with added info on which rides and shows we may want to avoid due to Natalie's sensory issues. I didn't have to plan or do anything for it. Everything we needed arrived in the mail along with embroidered bags for the kids.  SO ADORABLE! Now, I KNOW me some Disney but I do not enjoy the nitty gritty of planning vacations.  I want to just go and have it handed to me. haha!  Well, that's exactly what she did for us.  If you are ever planning on going I HIGHLY recommend her.  I will never, ever go without her help again.  Also, did I mention that she is free?  YES! FREE! As in NO COST!  Here is a link to her fb business page in case you would like to use her for your vacation too.  Just click her name: Kristen Betit  

Ok, now onto Epcot! 
 photo d7618_zps915503d6.jpg

We got there pretty close to opening and immediately got going.  We did all of the things we wanted to do in the main part of the park first including watching the fountain for what felt like 5 lifetimes.  Memories people!  This was one of those "it's not about us and it doesn't matter if we aren't enamored by the fountain".  They were enamored...and that's what mattered that week.  After the shows/attractions at the front of the park we started to the left of the loop of the World Showcase and went into Mexico.  
 photo c7550_zpsdc613192.jpg

We went into every single country that day.  We meandered and stopped to look over the water at Spaceship earth.  We shopped in shops and stopped to smell the roses, or rather, played the drums.  Anyone who knows our girl at all knows that she loves her some drums.  They stayed here and did this for about 30 minutes or more and it might just have been their favorite part of the day. haha!
 photo d7603_zpsa88bfc28.jpg

 photo d7602_zps686e0c13.jpg

As we kept walking we happened to run into a meet and greet with Donald.  Bennett was completely taken with him and didn't want to let go.  It was so dang adorable! Do you think he thought Donald was the biggest stuffed animal in the world?  That's kind of how amazed and in love he seemed.
 photo c7565_zpsc2b7cc62.jpg

I think the best part of the day for me was when we came upon the carpet ride (Aladdin) that they show in the Disney World commercials and the girls eyes bugged out.  We waited in line and when it was finally our turn it was round and round of me gazing at this face.
 photo 7470_zpsd9322fe9.jpg

My child who used to be terrified of anything that moved under her, anything that was unpredictable, and anything unknown, climbed into that seat like she owned it and had the dang time of her life.  I may or may not have shed some inner tears on this ride.  

When we got to China we saw something I never thought we'd see in a Disney park...emptiness.  We were there early enough that most people hadn't made it that far yet.  It was such an odd sight that I just stood there for a minute after I took it. It was only empty for a few minutes but how cool is this pic!? 
 photo d7573_zps190faf83.jpg

We had one of our character meals at the Norway pavilion (don't send me emails telling me that I am posting these countries out of order.  My memory is horrible when it comes to the exact timing on what we did when, this is just our day in a nutshell.  Just enjoy the recap) so we made our way there for our reservation.  It was another princess one so the girls were a bit giddy.  Alyssa was able to meet Belle again which gave her perma grin for the rest of the day. 
 photo c7576_zps5074190c.jpg
I could not love Natalie's face here more if I tried.  HA!  It looks like she's giving Belle a stern talking to. "No funny business Belle!" Alyssa in contrast is about to leap out of her skin with excitement. I love little kids in Disney World!

The food there was amazing and the kids did great! The air conditioning was kind of nice too. ;)
 photo d7578_zps389f2fe2.jpg

 photo d7581_zps5d9c3c14.jpg

After lunch we headed back out into the heat and walked at a 4 year olds pace through the rest of the park.  Alyssa was the only one not in the stroller so we just kind of went at her speed.  Bennett was so done and completely passed out at this point.
 photo d7613_zps2c9ef4d3.jpg

When we got to Italy she immediately ran up onto the platform. "Alyssa, stand up there and smile so I can take your picture"...
 photo d7610_zps507acfc4.jpg
God I live for her personality!!!

France was another fun one because Cliff had been there (the real one haha!!!) and got to tell Alyssa a little about it.  She now thinks she has actually been to all of these countries by the way so if you talk to her and she is all "I'VE BEEN THERE!!!", yea, she hasn't.  haha!
 photo d7622_zps306a8abc.jpg

Around this point Cliff was a bit ahead of me and Alyssa (bathroom break possibly?) and we got separated on opposite sides of this parade.  Random parade that we just happened to walk up to as it started.  Can you guess which country we were in here?  ;)
 photo d7616_zps1d0a7e1b.jpg

We turned the bend near the end of The World Showcase and all of us were just about done.  It was hot and this park is a big one to do in one day with three little kids.  It was fun, but we were just wearing out.  We headed to England because I knew there was a garden in the back that a lot of tourists just kind of bypass.  It's a great place to catch your breath and sit for a few minutes away from the craziness.  There was a gift shop right there so Alyssa and I being us, went in just to look around.  We got near the back of the store and there was Pooh and Tigger.  Just hanging out in a corner decorated to look like Christopher Robin's room.  There was only two people in line so we jumped in and got a shot.
 photo d7625_zps4cfdae82.jpg

Then we had to run out to get everyone else because OMG POOH AND TIGGER ARE IN THAT STORE!!!!!  Cue Bennett and his uber love of giant, moving stuffed animals. haha!  This by the way was the beginning of his obsession with Tigger.  He sobbed and cried and reached out for him as we pried him away to leave the store.  Poor baby.  I would have let him stay all day if I could have.
 photo d7630_zps0691f197.jpg
Ignore the wonky colors, the lighting was really weird and I was not a photographer at that moment.  I was the mommy trying not to miss moments.

 photo d7634_zpsd9829198.jpg

The day was gorgeous and I was so happy that Kristen talked us into one day in Epcot.  Alyssa was a trooper and walked the entire 8 hours.  She was so worn out that she walked into their room when we got back to the resort and put herself to bed around 6:15.  We thought she was just being dramatic but we didn't see her again until morning and she didn't move when Natalie joined her at 7.  Meanwhile...
 photo 7926_zps09e32916.jpg

I had a few of these "end of day" photos of Bennett because they just cracked me up.  Here are a couple from the end of a day at the Magic Kingdom.
 photo d7932_zps34b799ee.jpg  

  photo 7935_zps8b39ec0e.jpg  

All in all Epcot was awesome, even if we did trudge through it all in a day.  They were veterans at this point so we all survived just fine. haha!

Character meal wrap up
Like I said before, we had 5 character meals in all.  Three I have mentioned in previous posts.  One of the last two was at Ohana and was a homestyle type meal.  All of the food came to our table on a platter and we just kind of took what we liked.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and fruit.  They introduced the characters with a conga line which Alyssa bravely jumped into.  She was a little hesitant but that girl found her big girl panties and didn't miss this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity.  Watch out world, this girl was born to move mountains!
 photo d7958_zps034febe5.jpg

 photo d7959_zps90f574df.jpg
Looking back at her daddy one more time for encouragement

 photo a7967_zpsb15eed5d.jpg

They got to meet Mickey (FINALLY), Goofy (or was it Pluto?), Lilo and Stitch here.  
 photo d7981_zps2f5c28b3.jpg

 photo 7982_zps5a19dc2c.jpg
Itching his nose.  Does this strike anyone else as funny? 

 photo d7956_zps79414374.jpg

 photo 7942_zps17342eda.jpg

 photo a7946_zps49aa719a.jpg
He was working hard to get that lei on...and off, and on, and off...

Before we knew what hit us our vacation ended.  It felt like waiting to go to the electric chair.  To help ease our way back into the real world we planned our very last character meal for early in the morning on our departure day.  We packed the car the night before, got up, checked out and headed to breakfast.  It was much less traumatizing knowing that we would get to see Mickey one more time and fill our bellies with some amazing breakfast foods.  
 photo a7991_zpsd6edc7f0.jpg
This moment...the one where he realized it wasn't just going to be breakfast, yeah, that was awesome.

 photo a7993_zps195622e1.jpg

It felt like we were saying goodbye to close friends.  We all felt it.  sigh  
 photo 7997_zps78e3e2f6.jpg

 photo a8004_zps475bee10.jpg

 photo a8008_zpseacb18a1.jpg

 photo a8009_zps09d04ff5.jpg

None of us were ready to go home.  How on earth had it been a whole week already?!  It was the most amazing week filled with dreams come true (on so many different levels) and wide eyed wonderment.  It was filled with so much of everything we had wanted them to experience and we managed to do it all while keeping our biggest goals in mind.  HAVE FUN! Do not rush them, do not tell them what to love about it all, follow zero rules (ice cream for dinner, popcorn after breakfast, buy whatever they want until the money runs out) and no matter what, no matter the weather or circumstances that arise... remember that we will only live this time in our lives once.   

  photo a8016_zpsb274e688.jpg 
 So we took it all in, and made us some memories.    

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