Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life is messy

So I have been locked choosing to stay in the house this week with my two girls as I go down the road of potty training.  I find that when I feel trapped bored I tend to seek out ways to be creative.  I have always done it, the medium ever changing but still, the need to express myself and not get lost in this thing we call life has always been there.  SOOOO, I find during this week of potty h**l, that I am in desperate need of "getting out"...of my head, of my mind (HA!), of the underuse of my brain and all that comes with being a stay at home mom.  I sit here understimulated and stuck in this void of LOVING being with my girls all day yet being horrified by the lack of use my brain gets on a daily basis.  I used to teach for goodness sake...I taught children how to read and write and appreciate the world from different perspectives.  I held the gift of education in my hand everyday and I clean up pee puddles and dance to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star five gajillion (yes, that is a technical term) times an hour a day.  My brain is slowly turning to mommy mush so I sat down today ...and out fell a blog.  Really?  Me?  I HATE writing...don't I?  I HATE anything that resembles homework so what do I do?  I START A BLOG!  Ta da....are you impressed?   *crickets chirping*...........yeah, me either.

Potty training: Day 4
This is how to store your inconsistent potty abilitied (notice this technical term also...mommy mush brain I tell you!) children....note that they each have their own storage shelf for maximum comfort and dryness.

Welcome to my world....It's just life ;)


  1. I like your storage shelf. I need me one of those...

  2. Ahhhhh, the wonderful sense of humor that has entertained and delighted your parents for all these years. Love the blog.

  3. Jamie (anotherstayathomemom@yourworld.comJuly 1, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    Natalie: "I will not pee in these pants or she will ask me five million more times if I'm dry!"
    Alyssa: "Maybe if I stay dry today, I'll get a shirt tomorrow!!!!"
    I enter this world tomorrow. If you haven't heard from me by Monday, Please send a search party, This is bonding time for Patrick, Jamie, and Raileigh!

  4. woot a toot bloggin's a hoot!

    Love that you started a blog and LOVE that picture of the girls! :)


  5. love this!!... from your former camper, angela =)~

  6. good start Lori - perhaps it will keep you sane. ha ha ha. Micah is opening every cabinet in the world ... perhaps I should just give him an empty shelf. hmmmmm.

  7. That will be fun to read Lori! I have thought many times to blog for mostly the same reasons you mentioned but never got to it... My main problem is that I don,t know if I should write it in french or English... More people I know understand English than French but I find myself with limited abilities to express myself in English...

  8. Thanks everyone! I have fought doing this for a long time but for some reason it seemed like a fun thing to do yesterday. Now I just need to keep up with it. haha

    Josee~ You can set it to "translate" and pick a second language that you readers can put the site into. ;)

  9. You have now become my new favorite blogger! =) love, your TFF!

  10. Fun blog Lori! Uplifting humor and wonderful photos. Love the kids on the book shelves!