Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The definition of Craptastic...

This is a word that has worked it's way into my vocabulary ever since I heard my cousin say it.  I freaking LOVE this word. hahaha it fits everything.  I'll walk you through it..

CRAPtastic: Negative connotation, used to describe anything that sucks. haha (no, that is not what she said)
Today is shots day for the girls.  I HATE shots.  I hate deciding how to space them out.  I hate knowing the girls are going to have to get them when they look so excited and filled with hope that maybe this time the doctor's office won't suck.  I hate watching their little faces squish up in shocked agony as they get each one and I hate that they will feel craptastic for the rest of the day.  The girls did awesome considering.  Natalie is becoming such a big girl and is learning how to cope with things so much better.  I know she was horrified and completely sent over the sensory edge with those shots taking over her attention but she did it!  She hugged me, gave me a kiss (kids are the only ones who think to kiss the mommy during shots and I can't tell you how much I needed it)  Kisses and hugs and more hugs and my big girl was good to go!  Alyssa was a champ too.  I told her ahead of time that it would hurt but only for a minute and then it would be all done.  I told her to point to the spot I knew they would poke her and told her "ouch, but only for a minute"  My kids are super stars I tell ya and band aids are my best friend for Alyssa. (Natalie hates them as they just cause more of a sensory overload for her while on and while coming off)  "Stickers" I told her.  "Your legs get stickers because they did a good job today!"  Now you would think that she would be all "STICKERS!" and that would be all she would hear.  She was excited for them don't get me wrong, but what makes me laugh, in the midst of hiding my own tears after watching someone hurt my babies, was hearing Alyssa in the car all the way home.  Teary little voice "Good job legs...good job....stickers....insert kiss noise here.. good job legs..."  God I love these girls.

CrapTASTIC!: Positive connotation.  Useful to describe...well I will just give you today's example.  
Alyssa is about 95% potty trained at this point.  She only wears a diaper while sleeping but what makes it 95% is that she will only poo in the diaper.  She ASKS to go night night so I will put a diaper on her....really A?  So I decided that if she went while in biggie but if she asks?  HECK NO!  Today....after the horrific shots, she came home and pooped on the potty!!!!  Smiles and giggling "I pooped".  We laughed and called daddy and we she got m&m's .  It was the most glorious thing to happen after the craptastic shots.  When my life came to this point of happiness hinging on whether my kid poops on the potty I have no idea but here we are.  That my friends is crapTASTIC!  
No photos today...for obvious reasons.


  1. how is nat doing with her potty training?

  2. Hahahaha! Love this!. Seriously tho- you have a talent for this too. Have you ever considered being a writer?

  3. Maggie~ Natalie is literally hit and miss. She is pretty much 100% potty trained while we are out (including the car rides) but still just lets it fly when at home. We are working on it.

    Juanita~ OMG that was the sweetest thing ever! I don't know what on earth I would ever write a book about though.