Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's the little things....

That make me the most proud.  The first time she stabbed a piece of food with a fork and fed herself, the first time she hugged me back, the first day of preschool....

.....the first time I saw her go out of her way for a friend.

I got this email from Natalie's teacher this morning along with the photo. 

This was just too cute. . . I had to take a picture and show you!  We were doing a song with clapping.  Natalie all by herself went to a friend to help her clap during the clapping part of the song!  She did it several times! :)

I am a proud mommy and once again amazed by my girl and how much she is growing up.  

Back to Disney part 2 tomorrow.  :)


  1. awww those are the best moments :) thank you for sharing them!! so cool <3

  2. *tears* When did she get so big? She's growing up way too fast!!!

  3. Hey! I recognize that blurry girl! ;) Okay, now I feel as though I'm stalking you...Facebook friending you and now reading your blog all in one day.
    And Natalie, is so amazing! I love that she did this all by herself. What a big girl!