Monday, February 21, 2011

Whatever moves us...... Disney, Part 1

So this amazing thing happened this year.  After YEARS of missing Disney I managed to make it there twice....

YES, TWICE this year!  WHAT!?  The first time back after almost 15 years was this past July for the Down syndrome convention.  It was awesome beyond awesome BUT we never made it to the parks due to the heat and small kiddlings.

Around 2ish months ago (seriously, who has any sense of time with these things?) my mom randomly calls and is all "We should go to Disney, I'll pay." To this I said "OKLETSGETONTHEPLANERIGHTNOW!"....then I remembered I am a mom and have responsibilities and no sitters.  Insert sound of a bomb dropping slowly here..........

Mom: "We can do a long weekend sort of thing and you can get someone to watch the girls for one day."
Me: "Yeah right, mom's aren't allowed out of the house to go to Disney World.  We are only allowed out for things like hospital visits, doctor appointments and funerals."
Mom: "We can make this work!"

....and by golly she pulled it off.  Mom of the year that I am up and left my children who would love Disney and went without them.  WOOT!

Thank you to our now live in roomy and the second mommy in the house I have always wanted Sabrina, I left on a Friday night and didn't come back until Tuesday afternoon!!!!  WHUCK! That was an insane thing to wrap my brain around!

So we get to the airport Friday night around 6ish and my mom whips out this folder..... It had anything Disney we could ever need.  HILARIOUS!  The secretary in her just can't stop and it completely cracks me up.  It is organized and all but dear lord, she whipped out a stuffed folder FULL of things for 4 days in Disney.  HAHAHA!  LOVE IT!

"Mom, do you know what time the buses come to our hotel b/c I am sure there isn't any other way to find that out at the hotel."  Mom: "SURE!  Let me just check the folder." ....seriously.....for everything. tee hee

We got to our hotel, Riverside at Port Orleans Resort, and just knew we were not in Kansas anymore.  Nothing quite compares to staying on Disney property.  The Riverside section is designed to look like plantations in New Orleans and they totally did!

 The fountain in our courtyard.  aaaaaahhhhh.....the sweet bliss of not having little children to keep out of the water.

This is where we stayed...follow the arrow.

The view back toward the lobby once you stepped out from the building we were in.  Hence "riverside". 

View of the lobby from the water park pool.

....and another view....ok, I'm done.  I should get paid as a Disney advertisement.  

Moving on, the next morning we woke up all ready to take on Disney like women on a mission of fun and relaxation.  We were PUMPED to hit Epcot, to walk where we wanted, go on what we wanted, shop where we wanted and eat where we wanted.....we head to the hotel restaurant for a quick breakfast and...2 HOURS later finally got on our way.  


We both have this teeeeeeeny tiny ehem, issue that we enjoy talking.  Conversations go on for hours and hours and we literally have to make ourselves shut up or else we won't go do anything.  We stayed that whole time enjoying the fact that we could.  This trip was all about doing "whatever moved us" and dang it we did just that.  hahaha

We hit Epcot all day Saturday and enjoyed every bit of doing whatever moved us for our entire first day.  I am not going to go into detail of what we did at every park because, well, I am thinking that anyone besides us doesn't really care which rides we rode when, just that we rode them and had a GREAT time. We got back to the hotel after dinner only to find that mom had worn her shoes a bit too loose and got blisters....wait for it

on the balls of her feet!  AAAAH!  Day one of Disney and we had our first casualty.  She amazingly managed to hobble her way around for the rest of the trip. Disney, being Disney, was extremely accommodating and supplied us with gauzy pads, cleaning wipes and neosporin.  "We are doing this dangit!" 


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