Monday, February 28, 2011

Whatever moves us...... Disney, Part 2

Ok, so where did I leave off..... Oh right!  Blisters!  So after a walking filled day at Epcot ending in mom hobbling back to the room off the bus, we got our sleep on for many, many hours.  For real, this was almost better than Disney itself.....almost! Seriously though, at what age does sleep rival the fun of Disney?  Evidently 33.

Day 2 was Hollywood studios!!!  We woke up, lounged, showered, had a leisurely breakfast (cause that's what moved us) then onto the park. 

We went to every show we wanted to, walked in whichever direction we wanted to and ate an insanely expensive adult meal....IN DISNEY!  Right?  I didn't even know big kid food was offered there.  It was like being on another planet!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures that day.  They had been calling for rain and I didn't want to risk my good camera getting wet.  I know, I know, I lived in Florida and they call for rain EVERY DAY....I just couldn't bring myself to risk it. 

It was so odd to be able to just run off and ride any ride I wanted to without worrying about my kids, or if it was close to their lunch time.  "Will I have time to do what I want in between what they need/want"  is the mantra of my life and it was SOOO odd to let go of it.  I think this was the day that I finally started to realize that I wasn't living on a schedule.  I kept trying to since I am so insanely used to it.  

Mom did let me go all power hungry with the park map.  Evidently when I am sans kids I feel the need to still control things that don't need controlling.....wait for it...

...'cause it was what moved me.  HA!  Did you see that mom?  Did you see how I used your term to get me out of looking like a control freak?  WOOT WOOT! The reality was that we did what we wanted, when we wanted....

...and it was amazing.

Stay tooned ha ha tuned for day three, the infamous Magic Kingdom!! (yes, this was the day I took pics so there will plenty in the next post.)

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